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People Said

Eric Mindel

Founder/CEO - Return It Up
I've worked with WhiteLabel Software across several client projects ranging from small enhancements to full-scale migration to a new platform. They're easy to work with, responsive to needs, and typically on-target for timeline and budget Where project scope has crept, the WhiteLabel team has been a good partner to assess new/evolved business needs and shift plans in a reasonable way. For me, WhiteLabel has been the right balance of value and quality in deliverables.

John Petrel

President/CEO -  FloorSoft
Whitelabel has been a great solution for us; as advertised, more than reasonable rates for the experience and expertise delivered. We have used Whitelabel for 2 projects and have them lined up for 2 more. Jason and Cyril have been great to work with, and I highly recommend Whitelabel services.

Freddie Sexton

CSO - Return It Up
Working with Jason and his team at White Label is a joy. They are always proactive and thoughtful in their communication. I appreciate how they are always trying to improve their solutions, not just meeting the criteria yet looking for the best answer or most elegant solution to the problem at hand. I recommend them for any web scraping and large-scale application programming. You'll be glad you did.
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