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SaaS Application Development “Creating SaaS applications for companies to reduce cost and improve their productivity/activities”
  • Concept
  • Development Strategy
  • Technology selection
  • UI design & development
  • Rapid Prototype
  • API development and Integration
  • SOA
MVP “Helping companies to materialize their ideas and be ready for market”
  • Planning: Discovery phase, requirements, Architecture design, estimate
  • Development: UX, Backend/Frontend, testing
  • Delivery: Updates, New Feature
Web Application “Creating applications for companies in a variety of sectors”
  • News & Media Portal
  • Integration of electronic payment
  • Scalable digital content
Mobile Application Development “Creating iOS and Android applications to get the most of the mobile world”
  • Mobile Application Development “Creating iOS and Android applications to get the most of the mobile world”
  • Android development, delivery and support
  • Cross-platforms mobile solutions

Our Portfolio

How do we work so fast?


We do in as little as 3 months what other development teams do in 1 years or more. We don’t build small, lightweight products because minimalism is trending right now. We do it because we’re smart, and because we care about our clients.


With a prototype of your product, you can get customer feedback and investor interest quickly. Make changes to feature set and design before we code anything.

Backlog Creation

After we've built your prototype, we create the backlog needed to build the real thing. From this backlog, we're able to generate an accurate estimation of how many months you'll need for our team to implement the full vision.

Two Week Sprints

We work in short development cycles so you can bring your product to market faster. Show investors what you’re working on and get immediate customer feedback.

Instant Reviews

You get code delivered to you after every sprint, and you can check what we're building at any time. There are never any big surprises to your budget or our timeline.

Quick Pivoting

You always know where we're at, by looking at GitHub and our dashboards. We can work together to make changes to the plan at any time.

Top-Notch QA and Development

You’re not stuck managing developers or the people who bring their code to life. We handle quality, cloud infrastructure, continued maintenance, everything.

People Said

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does WhiteLabel Software means?

A Trusted Technology Partner That Treats You Like Family!

Top talent delivering optimized and cost-effective solutions to outrageously happy clients.

How do I create a product with you?

Fill out the quiz and schedule a discovery call here

Do I need to be tech-savvy to cooperate with you and order a software application?

No. We enjoy working with our super-passionate non-technical founders. We are excellent at bringing-to-life the vision locked inside.

How much time will it take for you to make my custom development?

That depends. MVPs can take as little as 1 week to 3 months. Full solutions can take weeks or months. Main point is that we at WhiteLabel Software are Agile and deliver functionality to you daily. Take a quiz here and let’s explore the details

I want to be involved in the app development process; do you have a problem with that?

Our clients are welcome to daily stand up calls or can rely on us for full turn-key solutions. Schedule a call after a quick quiz and let’s chat.

Are you able to double the size of the team involved in the project if the need arises?

Absolutely. All resources are on-demand. WhiteLabel Software resource allocation is elastic and can grow or shrink based on client’s timelines and budget.

Will development include the creation of prototypes and demo versions that I can try out?

Exactly the idea. We like to build clickable wireframes, quick prototypes and MVPs all to accelerate development and minimize time-to-market for clients.

Will my observations concerning the prototypes be factored into the final version?

After every demo with you every piece of feedback is factored into the next version on the solution within days.

Can the software be upgraded in the future as new technology becomes available?

Yes, solutions can be upgraded and enhanced over time.

What if I come to you with a product that I want to improve?

We are very good at taking ownership of existing products. Our expert teams can review source code, provide bug fixes and enhancements to existing products.

Will a project manager be assigned to me as a contact person? Will this contact person be available throughout the time the software is being developed?

Yes, project managers are assigned and dedicated to the client. They will be the single point-of-contact for all communications through the lifecycle of the project.

Will my liaison send me a progress report on a daily basis detailing the work that has been completed? What other pieces of information will they update me on? Will the progress report include a plan for the next phase?

Yes, project managers are able to update clients on time sheets, progress reports and project plans on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

IP Protection? Who owns the Software Custom Application?

All IP protections are clearly identified in the MSA agreement with WhiteLabel Software. The client owns 100% of the rights to the code developed by WhiteLabel Software. We are not allowed to use, modify or resell it in any way to other clients.

What are the next steps?

Fill out a quiz and schedule a discovery call with one of our experts