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  • ​ SaaS Startup Acceleration or Mature App Portfolio Management 
  • ​IT Depts that need help with the hands and feet execution of their vision  
  • ​SMB firms that need help with a mobile app or sales and marketing automation  
  • ​Ecommerce firms that need help building from scratch, maintaining or securing with the latest patches 
  • ​And Much, Much More!
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CASE STUDY 1: Fortune 500 Marketing Dept.
Project Challenge

A Fortune 500 marketing department needed an application to streamline the process to handle promotional project requests. The existing process was entirely paper and email based resulting in a labor intensive inefficient workflow requiring many attempts to get consensus on requirements via email/phone/chat. To scale the existing process management projected an additional 4-person team was required.
Our Solution

WhiteLabel Software LLC designed and developed a SharePoint workflow application that permitted centralization of requests. Multi-part requests are now supported with independent approval processes. All collateral tied to each request is version controlled and centrally stored with access controls enabled to apply security.
Allowed a cost savings of 4 full time employees (per management's original estimates).
CASE STUDY 2: Clinical Studies Company
Project Challenge

A Clinical Studies company facilitated clinical drug studies for sponsoring pharmaceutical firms. The client needed a way to streamline the design and construction of complex custom documentation for each new drug study (i.e. document sourcing) based on the many physicians and patients related to the study in a secure HIPAA compliant manner. The original processing time for document sourcing was 20 hrs per study.
Our Solution

WhiteLabel Software LLC designed and implemented a HIPAA compliant web portal for common access across all coordinators within the organization. The portal was design to manage all facets of document creation within the study - across visits, physicians and patients. The intuitive interface designs were mobile friendly and drastically reduced the complexity to building the structure of the study. 
Total study construction now takes on average
 2 hrs (down from 20 hrs).
Jason Boeglen
"At WhiteLabel Sofware LLC. our clients come first and our people make the difference..." 

- Jason Boeglen
CEO WhiteLabel Software
About Us:
WhiteLabel Software LLC
We specialize in helping Business Owners know their technology projects will be delivered on time and under budget.

If you desire to have a trusted ally in the information technology industry, hand off your technology project to a trusted partner so you can focus on your core business, know that service and delivery come from a cost-effective outsourcing partner you can trust completely then we can definitely help you.

We are experts in Software Development including:
  • More than 25 years experience average with Fortune 500 banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Etc.)
  • Proven track record to deliver superior results for our clients 
  •  Top talent to help with any technology stack and resource needs
  •  Proven onshore/offshore model to drive down costs and deliver optimum results
  • Deep bench of consultants that can meet any business owner's advisory need
We started with a vision that different is better and that small business deserves better options and at WhiteLabel Software we fulfil that vision each and every day!

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Resource Pricing
Off-Shore Resources

Software Development: $45 Hr

Software Testing:
$45 Hr

On-Shore Resources

Project Management:
$125 Hr

Business Analysis:
$95 Hr

Software Architecture:
$150 Hr

Blended Rates:
$60 Hr

Based on blended rates of all roles across an entire project.
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Jason Boeglen is the founder of WhiteLabel.Software. He has over 18 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture. The main reason Jason founded WhiteLabel.Software was to bring the enterprise level skill expertise developed while consulting with his Fortune 500 clients to the small/medium size business. 
Jason Boeglen - CEO
"...This is a people business and we love our clients!"
As a senior leader for Fortune 500 companies, David has led large corporations with innovative technologies in infrastructure, virtualization, Business Intelligence, and cloud for over 20 years. His passion is working with great people to accomplish great things. He really brings excitement to the game; promoting, evangelizing, and networking.
David Shaw - CSO
"...I always seek to understand the voice of the client!"
 Janet Skipper has over 25 years of experience in IT and Project Management. She has managed enterprise and global projects for companies including Accenture, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AIG and GEICO Insurance Companies. Her educational background is in Mathematics and Technical Writing.
Janet Skipper - Project Manager
"...Teamwork is how you deliver great projects...that requires all of us!"
Tim McKeithan has 20+ years of experience in Project & Program Management. Having consulted for large organizations around the world Tim has been involved in large scale implementations ranging from Wholesale and Financial to Civil Engineering. 
Tim McKeithan - Project Manager
"...a happy client is a repeat client!"
Our offshore teams represent a composite of individuals that collaborate and integrate with our onshore team members to deliver superior cost effective solutions to our clients.
Offshore Teams - 200+ Team Members
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